Good Web Design

Good web design pleases both visitors and search engines that can be easily and with valuable information about a niche topic. This topic is a niche area of expertise, where your skills and experience - the answers that people are looking for!

A good web design is a website that pulls all of this valuable information together in a way that

- is easy to understand
- is easy to navigate and find
- pleases the search engines
- gives your visitors what they want
- is simple, elegant and professional

Forget all the bells and whistles. Don't need in your website design. If a graphic, image or video, add value to your content, then by all means be. But just about everything. Don't let your visitors, or dilute your theme.

Its mission is to please your visitors and search engines. Pleasing as it is not as hard as you think. Search engines and information. Relevant information. Information that all links in a niche topic. Your visitors as well!